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Vacationing Secrets: What Travel Sites Won’t Tell You

My first all inclusive resort vacation experiences opened my eyes to a whole new way of vacationing. I booked my vacation with a large travel site. You know, the ones you see all over the web, all over the TV advertizing those amazing deals. “Best Deals, Best Vacationing Experience” Wrong! It wasn’t a good trip and I will never forget it. The travel site I booked the vacation with provided me little assistance with trying to resolve any issue I encountered. As Vince Vaughn would say, “They left me in the trenches taking grenades”. Even though it wasn’t a great vacation experience, I didn’t let it discourage me from traveling. Actually, it motivated me. It left me asking myself, “Is this it? That’s all I get?”. There must be a better way.  

After I returned home and finished licking my wounds, I decided to keep searching for the best vacation experience. I used big vacation websites to search for vacation resort destination ideas, but I didn’t book with them. Not anymore. I went directly to the source and found I could get a better deal and more personalized experience booking directly with the resort and the airline company. Those bundle deals may save you $50 USD, but you will most likely end up with a mediocre vacation experience, hanging out with college spring break kids, drinking premix well drinks, with a buffet dining experience.

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This is Not Your College Spring Break Experience

If you are a college student looking for a spring break trip for you and your friends to have the MTV spring break party experience you’ve always dreamed about, STOP right here, this article is NOT for you. Thanks for taking a minute to check out my blog. I appreciate your time but I don’t want to waste anymore of it.

However, if you are hard working individual looking for a dream vacation experience you can enjoy with your significant other or your entire family, you are about to discover some vacationing secrets those large travel sites don’t want you to know. It all begins with your expectations and what type of vacation you deserve. You see, all inclusive resorts are not the same and once you discover that you don’t have to settle for mediocre vacations, you will finally experience the vacation of your dreams. I have been vacationing all inclusive resorts over the past 10 years and I’m about to share with you my vacationing secrets so you can get that dream vacation you deserve.

Vacationing Secrets Large Travel Sites Don’t Want You To Know

  • Look for added Value. (Free Transportation, VIP experience, ect.)
    • Paying more for your vacation is not the answer to getting a dream vacation. Some resorts make you believe upgrading your all inclusive status will improve your vacation. Wrong!. If the resort is pushing this type of upgrade, then the all inclusive meal plan and service is probably bad from the start. You will most likely be upgrading for services other resorts consider standard and you don’t have to pay more for the same experience.
    • Airport Transportation. Most resorts DO NOT provide transportation to the resort from the airport, but some do. This is a big deal for me. This added value tells me that the resort truly cares about providing you excellent service. Typically you need to arrange airport transportation while you are booking your airline tickets with a third party transportation service. Depending on your destination, shuttle transportation cost approximately $50-$75 per person round trip, or private transportation costing approximately $150 – $175. Instead of paying for transportation, you could put that money toward excursions.Intimates
  • All Inclusive doesn’t mean All Inclusive.
    • Some resorts lead you to believe everything is included. Well that is somewhat true but upgrading your meal plan is not the answer. As I mentioned earlier, ever flowing premixed well drinks, warm beer and buffet style dining experience. Distasteful! You need to be careful here. Depending on the size, many resorts provide you with 4-6 “a la carte” restaurants with additional buffet style dining option. They fail to mention, 2 of 6 restaurants are closed each night and you MUST make a reservation early morning. First come, First served!. By the time you figure this out, you are already 2 days into your vacation and you may not get the restaurants you really want.
    • My suggestion, read the amenities section on the resorts website. I’ve found resorts with at least 8-10 dining options will provide you with a better dining experience. If you are unsure, email the resort. Ask them what is really included. It’s your money, don’t waste it. Be specific. Several resorts will not provide you wine with your evening dinner, you have to charge it to your room. That my friend is crap! I learned this the hard way, but we are spoiled travelers these days. It pays to invest time researching the resort. Don’t settle for mediocrity.  
  • Please Entertain Me!
    • Nearly all resort provide you some type of entertainment. Again, you need to compare apples to oranges here. Some do a great job and provide you with a spectacular evening event, but most do not. Look for special weekly and nightly events at the resort. Some resorts provide a spectacular party for all their guests each week. Let’s face it. Some resorts are just doing it better than others.
    • Some resorts provide a weekly Welcome Party for all guest to enjoy. You don’t have to pay extra, it’s included; the way vacationing should be. If you have to keep coming out of your pocket for added benefits, you’ll turn a $2500 couples vacation into a $3500 vacation and still end up not completely satisfied.V.I.P-Entertainment
  • Book with Vacation Club Member or Vacation Home Owner
    • Let’s be honest here. Large travel sites provide so called vacation deals because they are pushing volume. You and I are only a couple people out of millions who book with travel sites. It hurts me to be the one to tell you this but they don’t care about you and I getting a dream vacation. No matter how horrible my first vacation experience was, it didn’t matter to them. My dissatisfaction didn’t matter to them because they are still selling thousands of vacations every day.
    • On the flip side, vacation club members and vacation homeowners can provide you with their added vacation benefits. They have access to the best rooms, suites and villas. They can transfer their membership services for you to take advantage of and you will experience  higher quality of services and amenities. This adds value and you can achieve dream vacation and doesn’t cost you, actually saves you money. These owners have already paid for these luxury benefits and in return, the resort allows them to share with others. All part of a new way to vacation without having to be famous or wealthy. I can’t stress this enough. You really can’t beat this type of deal. It’s the best way to go.


Dream Vacations easier than you think

Let’s put this all together and move you toward the vacation of your dreams. If you could drive a Volkswagen or a Ferrari for the same price, which would you choose? The Ferrari, right? Of course, we all would. That’s the difference between a dream vacation and a mediocre vacation. There truly are no comparison when you follow this advice.

Book your next vacation with a vacation club members or villa owners selling their weeks of vacation. Avoid large travel sites because they cater to the masses and do not have your dream vacation as their priority. When you book with a vacation club member or owner, you will get a more personalized level of service and most likely only have to deal with one or two different people. They have definitely vacationed at the resort they are selling you and can give you first hand tips and ideas to enhance your vacation. Large travel sites offer one of a thousand customer service representatives who have no clue about the vacation they just sold you and have absolutely no inside customer service help with the resort.

Look for added value offered by the resort without requiring you to pay more. Some resorts offer free airport transportation, definately one of my favorite services. Have you ever taken a shuttle service? It will literally take you hours to get to your resort because they stop at every resort along the way dropping off other travelers. Unless you are the first resort of course. But don’t count on it. Resorts may offer discounted couple massage or free admission tickets to nearby attractions. Some have private beaches for their members and guest members. Take advantage of this, you’ll love it. Review the quality of restaurants and bars. If you are ok with drinking premix well drinks and eating buffet style dinners every night, that’s your choice. It’s ok, nothing wrong with that. But if you want to spoil yourself a little bit then go for it. It’s not like you vacation everyday. You work hard for your vacation time and you deserve it!



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    Very true on all of these, especially the all-inclusive point!

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      Thank you…I hope many people can benefit from this post and understand vacationing doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive.

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