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Rio Damajagua 27 Waterfalls: Best kept Secret

Located in the northern mountain range near Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, is one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean. Locals have been exploring this natural gem for centuries but only recently has it been available for tourist’s curiosity and exploration. If you are looking for an adventure or just needing an excuse to travel to the Caribbean, you will not  want to miss this…

Time and  rapid moving water of the Damajagua river continuously winding down the mountain, has created beautiful blue pools, natural limestone slides, and an abundance of naturally made waterfalls. There are 27 waterfalls of Rio Damajagua that make up  some of the most beautiful sceneries you’ll embark upon. If you are excited to see nature’s beautiful capabilities , you must check out the breathtaking mountain views, jungle terrain, and stunning waterfalls; not to mention taking the plunge into the cool blue water below,  these fabulous waterfalls should definitely be on your next vacation adventure.

You’re Gonna Have a Blast27 Waterfalls

You will begin your adventure by grabbing your life jacket and helmet, then you will be introduced to your guide and engage in a short meet and greet to answer and address any concerns or questions you may have before beginning this memorable excursion. The trek begins with a hike into the northern mountain range. You will cross over the lower river on a wooden suspension bridge, you begin a winding 30 minute hike into a lavish jungle terrain up the Northern Cordillera. This will get you to the lower 7 waterfalls, but if you have time and plan to see all 27 waterfalls, you’re going to need 5 – 6 hours to complete the trip. For those avid hikers, the hike and view is well worth the time.

Trekking up the mountain is strenuous and challenging; however, absolutely rewarding. The trail is overall cleared; however there is minimal rocky terrain,  but it’s worth it to experience all the beautiful jungle scenery. You can expect to have a couple guides in a small group to assist you and answer any questions you may have thoroughly through the terrain. Most importantly, they will  provide you with some water and several breaks during your ascent up the mountain.

GET READY!!27_waterfalls_3

Allow the guides to assist you, the rocks are slippery. If you are scared of heights, this would be a great time to overcome your fear. Don’t worry, there is always one or two people in each group scared of heights or just plain scared of making the jump. The guides are friendly and training to assist you in making a safe trip and are obligated to ensure you are enjoying yourself by providing the  thrill seeking excursion, you signed up for.


Once you reach the first waterfall, get ready to take the plunge. You will undoubtedly  have an awesome time.  Some of the waterfalls will have the option of sliding down a natural stone water slide or jump over the falls into the calm, clean, blue water below. Either way, your decision will not disappoint.  I personally have been there and done it, trust me you will survive, you will have a great time and an amazing story to tell and memories to last a lifetime.

Tip for the Trip

If I can give you one tip that will make this adventure awesome and not just “kinda” awesome. It would be “Don’t Rent The Shoes”. You will have the option of renting some rubber water shoes prior to trekking up the mountain, at a great price, only $1 USD. DON’T!. I promise you will not be happy. I did not  want to waterlog the  only pair of running shoes I took on the trip, so I rented the rubber shoes. Big Mistake! Not only were they uncomfortable, they did nothing to protect my feet. The only thing they will help you do is add some traction on the wet rocks. I should have jumped in with both feet wearing my Asics. My feet would have thanked me. The next time I take this trip, I will be sure to take water shoes with me. And you should do the same. Prepare before you go. Go spend a little bit of your hard earned money and make your feet happy. This is the difference between an awesome excursion and a “kinda” awesome trip.

Make It Happen27_waterfalls_2

27 Waterfalls of Rio Damajagua is located about 15 miles southwest of Puerto Plata. If you are planning on experiencing all 27 waterfalls, you are going to need about 5-6 hours to complete this incredible adventure. The cost is $350 RD ($45 RD = $1 USD). Most tour companies do not offer this type of tour, so you are going to have to arrange transportation.  A 35 minute bus ride from Puerto Plata will cost you approximately $40 RD (dominican pesos).  A taxi will cost you approximately $450 RD or $10 USD per person. I have not  experienced neither the taxi service nor the bus transportation, so I am unable to  tell you which transport system is better; however, the Dominican is very safe and I would not have an issue travelling by bus or car.

If you are staying at one of the resorts, there will be several opportunities to book excursions. My first trip to Puerto Plata, I booked the Mega Extreme Excursion. This particular tour allowed  me to experience horseback riding in the mountains, followed by Zip lining, then the lower 7 waterfalls. Also, lunch was provided. Can’t beat authentic dominican grub, delicious. My wife and I felt safe during our trips to the dominican republic and we have not experienced any travel issues. The only difference in traveling in the Dominican is simply being on “Dominican Time”! You will find out quickly what that means.

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