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Ocean World: Up Close and Personal

If you are anything like myself, you love the ocean; the tropical sun, white sandy beaches, along with the calming blue ocean water. I can picture it now just hanging out on the beach, relaxing in a hammock while sipping on an ice cold beer or fruity umbrella drinks… That’s right, I like a fruity drink every now and then. But those who know me, know I love animals. Particularly dolphins, sea lions, sharks, tropical fish and birds. So when I vacation in the Dominican Republic, I make sure to visit Ocean World. This place is awesome with one of the largest man made Dolphin habitats in the world. The park offers dolphin, shark, sting ray, and sea lion encounters, as well as, tropical bird shows with added behind the scenes tour. You will have the opportunity to swim with the dolphins, or sharks if you are really brave.  Maybe kiss a sea lion. Ocean World spares no expense when it comes to treating and managing these spectacular animals. If that is not enough to make you start planning your trip right now. I’m gonna really get you started planning by telling you I know a way for you to get FREE tickets for general admission to the Ocean World. That’s a $69 USD value!. Wow!Ocean World


Dolphins are a diverse group of marine mammals but most of them prefer warm waters. They are very smart and entertaining. Dolphins have excellent hearing and the trainers use a whistle to get the dolphins attention and to initiate a command. Of course the dolphins are rewarded with fish, but this is also part of a special diet. They require large amount of fish every day to maintain proper health and Ocean World has this down to a science. They do an outstanding job caring and loving these awesome animals. No wonder Ocean World has one the the largest dolphin habitats. I suspect most people enjoy dolphins and many have dreamed of swimming with them, I know I have. If  you have a similar dream, Ocean World will give you the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. These dolphins are friendly and they love attention. You can hug, kiss and get your picture taken with them, if you wish. Ocean World also offers a dolphin show, which is fun and entertaining. You will have couple opportunities to watch the performance daily.DSC_9411


Sea Lions. Every wonder how they got their name? They acquired their name from the long mane that grows along their neck. At first glance, sea lions can appear kind of scary,  but these sea lions are harmless and with the proper training they are very amusing. Male sea lions average between 6.5 – 8 feet long and weigh between 400-900 lbs. Females average 5 – 6.5 feet long and weigh between 110-250 lbs. They are excellent swimmers and eat a lot of fish, approximately 5-10 percent of their body weight in fish each day. Ocean World offers a sea lion show 2-3 times each day. I don’t want to spoil the show,  but it’s great entertainment and you will laugh uncontrollably. It’s amazing what these animals can do.  If you want to get close to the Sea Lions, take a picture and slap a “high five”, you will want to sign up for a Sea Lion encounter or Behind the Scenes Tour. Both are fun and affordable. During my last trip, I did the Behind the Scenes tour. It was definitely worth it and highly recommended. You will have fun and learn some interesting facts too.PIC_0147


Are you a bird lover? Ocean World has many tropical birds you can get up close and personal with Macaws, Blue Parrot, Toucans, and Lovebirds just to name a few. You will have the opportunity for a personal encounter. Bird keepers will allow you to hold and feed them. Even take pictures with these beautiful birds, if you so desire. During my last visit, I walked into the Lovebirds sanctuary and one of the bird keepers placed seed into my hands. Then suddenly I was covered with several Lovebirds perched all over me attempting to get there chance at some food. It’s a little intimidating to be covered by all those Lovebirds, and I was able to keep myself together without getting freaked out by the rush of birds. It felt weird to have all those little birdies on my head, arms, and shoulder. Luckily, none of them messed on me, and I was able to get some really cool pictures.PIC_0103


While my wife and I chose to take the Behind the Scenes Tour,  a couple of the kids chose the dolphin encounter. The tour was very interesting and consisted of learning about how the dolphins are trained and how much care they require, how the ocean water is filtered and treated,  behind the scenes encounter with one of the sea lions. It’s really cool how smart and gentle these large mammals can be. Finally, the tour ended by talking with the biologist and learning how they treat and manage the health of the park animals. The animals undergo extensive frequent exams and health management care plans. The Dominican Government enforces and regulates a strict care guideline for all the animals. You will be amazed at all you can learn on this tour and experience a lot of fun while doing it. I would highly recommend the Behind the Scenes Tour.DSC_9409


Finally, as I promised. FREE general admission tickets to Ocean World. How do you get your hands on a few of these? Well that’s easy. Simply book your next vacation through us. Suite Dreams Vacation is a Platinum Supreme Member of LifeStyle Holidays Vacation Club (LHVC). Our unique relationship with the resort entitles guest members, who book through Suite Dreams Vacation, one free general admission ticket to Ocean World per guest. Simply book your vacation with Suite Dreams Vacation and you can experience Ocean World for Free!. This include transportation to and from Ocean World from the resort. I know right! That’s awesome! We want you to have an unforgettable vacation experience and our reputation depends on it. We encourage everyone to experience a Dominican Vacation and explore Ocean World. You’ll be glad you did.

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