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Dominican Way of Life: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Ever let your mind wander and fill your head full of “what if” statements when contemplating on traveling abroad?  If you are like me, I am full of adventure, but always nervous traveling to a new destination.  What are the people like? How is the language barrier?  Will I be comfortable? Is it safe? Etc.  I want to share the Dominican Republic vacation experience I recently discovered; it is by far the most anticipated and pleasurable vacation I live for annually now! My husband and I were so thrilled and pleased with the vacation in the Dominican, we bought into a lifetime membership.

Some history about the Dominican culture: The official Language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish; however, there are many languages that are spoken including German, Italian and French.  These languages are spoken fluently by all the staff at our All Inclusive Resort in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The diversity of languages is a testament to the variety of nationalities that visit the Dominican Republic. Throughout my whole vacation, I had no trouble with any language barrier. The hosts and staff were extremely understanding and helpful.  The vibe of the resort was very relaxed and mellow.  The Dominican Republic in general moves at a leisurely pace so if you are looking to go on a vacation and relax… THIS IS IT! In fact, the famous slogan at the resort in Puerto Plata is “Don’t worry, be happy!”  These particular words were heard daily in a nonchalant manner.  It really was comforting and surprisingly FUN!puerto_plata_bartender_edited-1

The Dominican lifestyle is quite diverse and very conservative.  You can tell by the way the people dress and act that they are not worried about showing off or being arrogant.  Life is humble and good in the Dominican.  Another famous saying that I heard quite frequently is, “Don’t worry, you are on Dominican time”.  Translation… we do not worry about schedules and times, we enjoy our time together and there is no need to worry about your watch! All things will be accomplished in an approximate time frame! Usually, that would drive me crazy, but it was quite refreshing while on vacation.  It was absolutely a new way of life that I could get used to you… for a short time once or twice a year!

The official Dominican Republic currency is the Dominican Peso; however, US dollars are accepted and preferred. While on vacation at our All Inclusive resort in Puerto Plata, we encountered many locals wanting to sell their handmade items for a small fee. US Dollars and Dominican pesos are accepted.  These particular items are unique and very crafty.  I had to have several wood carved souvenirs that were affordable and elegant. If you happen to go on an excursion while on vacation, which I highly recommend,  you may get the opportunity to stop off and watch how the locals hand carve these pieces, you will have the chance to hear about the history and culture of the Dominican Republic “way of life”.  I personally can not imagine going to the Dominican and not bringing back an affordable piece of elegant decor.Elephant Decor

The resort in Puerto Plata is safe, with staff available at all times for any question or need you may have.  One of the best things that I was forced to take advantage of was the pharmacy located in the resort.  I developed a head cold and sore throat ( I was the last to get the “bug” from my children that had been previously under the weather the week before).  This pharmacy was stocked with all kinds of antibiotics, insulin, ointments, what I thought was prescription meds, etc.  Luckily, my husband is a nurse practitioner and was able to purchase an over the counter  antibiotic and cough suppressant.  This was really a great comfort to me, not to mention a vacation saver.

I felt 100% comfortable in my Presidential Suite accommodation in Puerto Plata. The gates at the resort are guarded with 24/7 security, I know this because every time we would walk  around to get from point A to point B, the guard had to lift up the gate to allow us through.  The rooms are equipped with locks that actually work, and if in need of help or services the language barrier is non existent.   Our vacation destination in Puerto Plata is not a spot where you will find rowdy out of control “spring breakers”.  The resort is operated with respect and the intent of enjoying a quality vacation.  The service provided is nothing short of VIP service; the resort actually prides itself in proving this; Drinks, snacks, and food are on point, delicious and filling.serentity_beach_chef

Finally, to sum up my introductory questions.. Yes, the Dominican Republic resort in Puerto Plata  is safe, comfortable,  understandable, and full of serenity and relaxation; a time to bring family together or romance your partner.  The Dominican Republic is a memorable vacation location with exceptional service.  The other enticing  factor is… IT IS AFFORDABLE.

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