Best Vacation with Kids: They’ll Love You for It

Lets face it…Kids are demanding.

They consume a lot of your time…Especially those in multiple activities and sports.

You’re tired and run down from trying to be everywhere and everything for your family.

You desperately need a vacation….

You say to yourself, “I know, I should take a vacation away from my kids.”

It’s ok to feel this way and I hear your frustrations, “I just need some time alone!”.

Time alone is great, but after a couple days you’ll start missing the kids. Believe me, I know.  Just look at their adorable faces!

IMG_1344My wife and I were on a 7 day trip in Puerto Plata, when after 3 short days she began talking about the kids and how much she missed them. Then the remainder of our vacation was focused calling the kids daily and wanting to get back home….Bummer!

There has to be a better solution, right?….*Thinking*….Of course…I’ve got it!

Take your kids on an All-Inclusive vacation…Your kids will love you for it and you will too.

All-inclusive vacations are great for kids and families. Throughout the remainder of this post, I’m going to show you why you want to book your next vacation with the all-inclusive experience.

Save up to 50% with All-Inclusive

Travel is expensive. Traveling with a family, even more…

But family vacationing with kids doesn’t have to be, if done correctly.

All inclusive resorts charge a daily meal plan rate. The meal plan covers all meals, snacks and drinks around the clock…Adults, that means your alcohol beverages too…Yes!…Cheers!

Mexico,destination meal plans on average are approximately $100 USD per day for adults and kids are ½ price.

But check this out. The Dominican Republic all-inclusive meal plans can range as low as $60 USD per day for adult and kids are ½ price too.

WOW!…Did you see what just happened there?…

That’s 40% savings per day….Plus with the kiddos you save even more… Fine Dining for ½ price… GENIUS.

Great idea, Riley!…Thanks for sharing….No problem, I’m here to help…

Awesome Poolside Activities

Kids need to stay busy and what better way to keep them busy than by a day out in the water and sun! You lounge, they play! That’s right. All-inclusive resorts provide fun daily activities at no additional cost, it’s included in the meal plan.

The resorts activity staff facilitate fun and games daily at the poolside. And they make every attempt to entertain you and get the guest involved.

Basketball goals in the pool, volleyball net, and water slides….Kids love this stuff, and some adult kids do too….Especially, me!..:)

Kid zone for the younger tikes and teen club zone for the older ones. These are ran by the activity staff to keep the kids entertained and having fun all day.

Also, all-inclusive resorts provide nightly entertainment appropriate for the entire family. When you factor in the entertainment is provided at no additional cost, that’s more than a great deal.

Exciting Excursions

We all have the desire to experience and adventure we typically can not do at our homes.  On vacation you are able to choose from several excursions from sight seeing historical scenes, to hiking jungles, horseback riding, ziplining, snorkeling, ocean cruises, animal adventures, etc…

These excursions bring out the child ambition in you! While the excursions are an added expense to the vacation, kids are more than likely a half priced ticket, as well!

Now you do not have to have the guilt of bringing home vacation pictures, getting caught on camera doing something your kids would probably have enjoyed, possibly more than you!IMG_3535

Safe and Secure

Worried about safety?…Of course you are…All parents worry about the safety of their children, but you don’t have to be worried about taking your kids on vacation…

All-inclusive resorts are locked down, so to speak…Security staff everywhere, on every corner watching… At least this has been the case at our destination in the Dominican Republic.

These resorts require you to present reservation confirmation at the main gate before allowing you to enter the resort…No unauthorized persons are getting into this resort. Keep that in mind for future travels.

Room safes are available for you to lock your personal valuables while out of the room..Usually at no additional charge, but every resort is different. With that being said, please use some common sense here. Don’t leave thousands of dollars in your luggage or your brand new iPad lying on the night stand. Hide and store your valuables. Don’t tempt or give someone a reason to take your things. It’s always best to be cautious.

Safety at these resorts is a top priority…They do care about the guest having a great experience and they don’t want bad reviews claiming their resorts are unsafe and can’t be trusted.

Best Beaches

Kids love to swim…At least mine do. They’ll stay in the water all day if I let them.

The beaches and pools at these  resorts are absolutely amazing..

Spend a day relaxing on the beach and use the afternoon to build a sand castle with the kids…

Better yet…One of my favorite activities. Relax on a canopy bed sipping on your favorite umbrella drink, watching the kids splash in the water….Either way you’re gonna have a blast…

Spectacular Family Memories

IMG_3472Great family memories build strong family bonds and encourage happy child development…

Memories build a family legacy…What better way to build lasting memories than to take your kids on an affordable all-inclusive family vacation…

Just remember to take a waterproof camera to capture those amazing experiences.. You’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come.

Travelling with Kids is Awesome

OK, Let’s wrap this thing up and get you closer to an extraordinary vacation…

Traveling with kids is awesome and it doesn’t have to be expensive…

All-inclusive vacationing is a great way for families to spend a week together on a Caribbean beach vacation.

Imagine yourself relaxing on the beach. Laying on a canopy bed listening to the wind blow through the palm trees, watching the waves roll in…What could be more amazing?

Think about how rejuvenated you will feel after returning from an amazing vacation.

You deserve a memorable vacation…and the kids are gonna have a blast too!

The smiles on our face say it all!

So, what are you waiting for?…Get off the couch and start planning your all-inclusive vacation today…

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