Corinne & Riley

Suite Dreams Vacation was founded in 2014 after traveling to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. During this particular vacation my wife (Corinne) and I (Riley) were fortunate enough to experience the most  luxurious and entertaining vacation we had ever encountered.  After that amazing experience, we decided to pursue the idea of connecting people to this safe, fun, entertaining, and memorable vacation experience that is compatible for couples and families. We have been traveling around vacationing at many different All Inclusive Resorts for the past 10 years, and while we have had memorable experiences, compared to Puerto Plata, they have all been  mediocre at best. The food alone at Puerto Plata is something to rave over. I could spend hours blogging and bragging about the five star restaurants and gourmet chefs; seeing and tasting is truly believing.  The service is exquisite with fun and friendly staff, with no fear of language barriers.  We invite you to explore this amazing vacation get away and not just take our word for it! This truly is an incredible and affordable paradise.


How This Website Will Help You

If you have ever dreamed about traveling to the Dominican Republic but unsure of how to make that dream a reality, we can help. Or, If you have previously traveled to the Dominican Republic and you had a bad experience, we can help. We have a personal connection, experience and knowledge of the resorts, entertainment and excursions you will find on our site. We want you to have a best vacation experience, without the stress and worry of planning a vacation based on reviews and bad advice. If you are looking for entertaining, fun, and adventurous activities to do while traveling in the Dominican Republic, check out our blog page and sign up for our news letter for the latest Dominican Travel News. We want you to have the vacation experience you deserve and memories to share with friends and family.

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