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  • IMG_3586

    Best Vacation with Kids: They’ll Love You for It

    Lets face it…Kids are demanding. They consume a lot of your time…Especially those in multiple activities and sports. You’re tired and run down from trying to be everywhere and everything for your family. You desperately need a vacation…. You say to yourself, “I know, I should take a vacation away from my kids.” It’s ok […]

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  • Cofresi Beach

    Vacationing Secrets: What Travel Sites Won’t Tell You

    My first all inclusive resort vacation experiences opened my eyes to a whole new way of vacationing. I booked my vacation with a large travel site. You know, the ones you see all over the web, all over the TV advertizing those amazing deals. “Best Deals, Best Vacationing Experience” Wrong! It wasn’t a good trip […]

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  • Sergeant Majors

    Snorkeling Sosua Bay

    If you’re looking for an awesome snorkeling adventure, you wanna explore Sosua Bay, Dominican Republic. Maybe you’ve always wanted to experience snorkeling, but you are nervous because of the waves crashing over your snorkel. Sosua bay’s calm, crystal clear water will allow you to experience a snorkeling experience of a lifetime. This amazing sheltered bay […]

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  • Happy Lifestyle

    Dominican Way of Life: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

    Ever let your mind wander and fill your head full of “what if” statements when contemplating on traveling abroad?  If you are like me, I am full of adventure, but always nervous traveling to a new destination.  What are the people like? How is the language barrier?  Will I be comfortable? Is it safe? Etc. […]

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  • Sea Lion Kiss

    Ocean World: Up Close and Personal

    If you are anything like myself, you love the ocean; the tropical sun, white sandy beaches, along with the calming blue ocean water. I can picture it now just hanging out on the beach, relaxing in a hammock while sipping on an ice cold beer or fruity umbrella drinks… That’s right, I like a fruity […]

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  • 27 Waterfalls

    Rio Damajagua 27 Waterfalls: Best kept Secret

    Located in the northern mountain range near Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, is one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean. Locals have been exploring this natural gem for centuries but only recently has it been available for tourist’s curiosity and exploration. If you are looking for an adventure or just needing an excuse to […]

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